Monday, February 9, 2009

Enough for Now

Okay, so I have lots of pictures. The inauguration, my sister's 30th bday, some random funny shots of my dog...I'll be uploading at least a few from each in the next few days or so. I know this blog is (mostly) about CF, but we all need a little break sometimes, right?

In other news, I'm sick again. Blah. I emailed my doctor about it today and we're going to touch base on Wednesday, but the plan is most likely going to include a 4-6 week course of IVs. We really, really need to find a way to stem the tide of these infections a little, and she thinks this might do the trick. No guarantees obviously -- this is CF we're talking about, after all -- but it's worth a shot. At this point I'll try pretty much anything. I just want to feel good and stay that way for a while!

Anyway, my deep thoughts for the moment are as follows:

1. It could be a LOT worse - I'm honestly feeling pretty lucky right now that I have access to this sort of care and have such a great doctor who I trust more than I can say. CF sucks either way, but knowing you have an amazing team behind you and the resources to get the care you need goes such a long way.
2. I get to do this all as an outpatient (I think). Yay!
3. I am SOOOO excited to feel better. Enough said.
4. By the time I get off IVs it should be just about time to break out the shorter sleeves and lighter-weight jackets. This timing is perfect for an arm-port girl like myself ;)
5. My mother is actually in town this week to attend the Westminster Dog Show (a friend of hers has a dog showing) and then to take my sister and I to the Opera. This is either a coincidence or part of a master plan that's greater than my own, but either way I couldn't be more grateful!

I honestly can't wait to devote a little space on this blog to talking about something other than pseudomonas. I can't wait to walk my dog and not have to count the steps back to my apartment. I can't wait to start exercising again. I can't wait to go out with friends and have energy at the end of the evening. I can't wait to go to work and be able to stride down the halls with my "confident lawyer walk" again instead of just concentrating on looking normal enough to pass as semi-healthy. I can't wait to actually be excited about meals. And most of all, I can't wait for the end of winter and some fun weather to enjoy the new health that I *know* I'm going to have after all this hard work.

On another personal note, my mom and I are taking my sister to Canyon Ranch in Massachusetts later this year as part of her bday gift. My sister and I (and maybe a girlfriend of mine, depending on how it works out) are also planning on a trip to Japan in the upcoming year. Both of these sound unbelievable to me...thinking that I might be able to do these trips and feel healthy enough to truly savor them actually makes me want to cry. I want pictures of me enjoying myself that don't make me wince later remembering how hard it was to breathe behind the smile.

So yeah, the IV part kind of sucks. But I have a lot of hope for this right now. And for now, despite everything else, that feels like enough.


  1. :)

    I hope the IVs do the trick this time!

  2. I hope you are able to get the relief you're looking for.

    Japan sounds incredible. I went in May 2008 and I had such an amazing time!

  3. Please, oh please, let this round do the trick! You deserve to feel good for awhile!!

    I'm glad you're looking forward with your head held high - it's more than I could do.

    Onward and upward!!

  4. I know these IVs will work, specially when you go into them with such a positive attitude! All the traveling sounds like soo much fun. I really want to go to Japan, specially now that I have a BIL living there, someday I will make it. :)

    You'll be feeling fine, in no time!