Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Really? Seriously? Honestly?!

Today may very well go down in history as the craziest, most ridiculous day of my entire life. I'll tell you all about it, but first I need to know: do you want the bad news, the crazy news, or the fucking unbelievable news?

The Bad News:

I'm sick again. Yuck. Just some gross viral crud that managed to worm its way into my freshly IV'd lungs despite my best efforts. So now I'm writing this from my room at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, which I didn't make it to until 6:30 pm, because . . .

The Crazy News:

There was a fire in my apartment building. No joke. As in, some genius had a timed light (in an apartment . . . will someone explain that to me, please?) and it was too close to the drapes. So when it came on, the apartment owner wasn't home and the drapes got too hot and voila. Half the NYFD showed up to my apartment building, bells and whistles clanging, and I had to evacuate down 18 stories of STAIRS, without O2 (not in the habit of wearing O2 near open flames) while CARRYING my 20 lbs puppy. I had to carry the puppy because he's an apartment puppy and he doesn't "do" stairs. Brilliant.

The Really Fucking Unbelievable News:

So this genius with the timed light? Yeah, turns out he lived DIRECTLY above me. As in, one floor up, same floorplan, literally right on top of me. Which means that when his apartment caught fire, his sprinklers turned on, and when his sprinklers turned on (and he wasn't home), they created 4 inches of standing water on his floors. And that 4 inches of standing water had nowhere to go but down. Literally. Straight down, and into MY apartment.

My living room and both bedrooms had huge floods in them when I finally got back up to my apartment (suffice it to say I had to wait until the elevators were back on line to get up to the 18th floor). Huge flood. On my hardwood floors. And oh yeah, did I mention I'm sick? Like, 2.5 liters of O2 while resting, in the hospital style sick?

The Silver Lining:

Thankfully, I have an amazng woman who helps me out with all the little parts of my life that CF makes difficult, including cleaning and shopping one day a week. Well, that day just happens to be Tuesday, which means she was around today and immediately sprang into action. She was amazing - went around cleaning up all the water and treating the wood to minimize the damage. Luckily there is insurance to cover whatever work does need to be done to the wood floors, but right now I think it probably won't be that bad. Thanks ONLY to Bella, who I am now convinced is some sort of guardian angel. With her help I got packed, got out of the apartment, and she's staying with Sammy until someone else can get there. Wow.

Part II of the silver lining is that my doctor actually doesn't think I'll need to be in that long. She said she anticipated a short stay (maybe just a couple of days) and that this is probably just a virus gone awry.

So yes, it was a terrible day, although in retrospect it all seems more amusing than anything. And yes I am clearly going to have to make some big decisions sometime soon, but I think the first route is going to be trying some short term solutions while we work on longer term options. Which means I'm not quite as hysterical as I was earlier today.

And that's the best news of all.


  1. OMG that is some crazy shit!!!!! Glad everyone was ok (Sammy included!).

    Hang tough hun!!!!!


  2. I am at a loss for words.... I am so sorry.

    Leave it to you to see the silver lining. You have such an amazing attitude. Really - I find you more and more inspiring every time I see you post.

    take care.

  3. I'm SO sorry about your apartment and being back in the hospital. Stay positive...praying things will get better!

  4. You weren't kidding! When it rains it pours (literally 4 inches of water into your apartment)...

    Hopefully you snap back quick and get out of the hole ASAP.

    You'll be in my thoughts.


  5. Piper Oh my how oh how does that all happen to one person. Could it be more ill timing? I hope you can have someone get a dehumidifier while you are in lock up to make sure the place is nice and dry before you get home.

    take care

  6. I am so glad your guardian angel could come to yours and Sammys rescue!! I am sorry you are in the joint but I am hoping for just a quick stay!

    feel better!!!

  7. Wow! That is insane!! I hope that your lock up is short and that you are feeling better soon!!

  8. OMG. WTF? I guess it's good you can sort of laugh about it and that you had help nearby, but - WOW, what a freakin' day!

    I hope you feel better soon!