Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome to the Hotel Presbyterian

Such a lovely place, although I'm hoping I can both check out AND leave -- preferably by the end of the week.

Yeah, I landed back on my ass in 9 Hudson South (actually the best ward going over here, with a menu for ordering dinner, private rooms/bath, and guest internet). The twist is that we don't actually think this one's all about the lung infection, or at least 2 1/2 weeks of solid 101 degree fevers daily says this isn't your average pneumonia. We're thinking viral, but they're not ruling out an infection that we're just not hitting yet . . . including the ever-dreaded port infection. Fingers crossed it's not that, although other contenders include such fun little visitors as Lyme Disease or a relapse of Mononucleosis.

I'm just hoping that whatever it is, it starts to resolve itself FAST.

They've already switch my abx from Merrem to Imipenem, which they did over the weekend at home and may already be making somewhat a difference. Also my potassium levels are climbing, which is wonderful. So basically I'm in here, according to my doctor, "for a couple of days" (famous last words!) to get some tests run and hopefully figure this thing out for good. It's been bothering me for waaaay too long.

I didn't even put up my usual crazy stubborn (um, I mean, polite and well-articulated) fight to stay out of the joint this time. Sometimes you just know you're headed for those plastic sheets, and the best that you can do is just grit your teeth and bring your own comforter. As my blogger cyster Cystic Gal might quote, "you got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em". . . and hope to God that your doctors know when to let you walk away ;)


  1. A little over a year ago, I felt crap, and we're talking crap on a grand scale. I was fully willing to go into 'lock up' and not put up any argument whatsoever. I was almost dissapointed when my Dr said there was no need. I mean, I couldn't even manage a full flight of stairs...

    I hope you're feeling good soon and thats great news about the banana levels! Xx

  2. Piper!!! Big hugs!!

    Boy between you already in, Aimers thinking she may be going in this week, and my thinking I may get put in after my vacation to New Orleans next week, we make quite the trio!

  3. Hope it's a short stay and they get things figured out...I think you're making a great decision by "folding em" this time, or is it "holding em"? You know what, I'm just going to walk away....


  4. I hope all gets figured out and your feeling as spunky as ever with the quickness!!

  5. I hope you can check out AND leave ASAP and that you feel better when you do!!!

  6. Praying they figure out what's going on so you can escape soon!!! Feel Better!!!