Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Believe in Miracles

Since you came along, you sexy things, you.

Alright, seriously, which one of my readers is secretly some sort of magical long-distance healer? I really want to know, because I've got some major jobs out there for you, whoever you are . . .

Honestly and completely without kidding, my fevers ended the night I posted my all-encompassing symptom dump. And no, lest you worry that my body is any less dramatic and attention-hoggish than the rest of me, they did not just fizzle out and go away. Oh no. In true Piper style these suckers decided to go out with a bang -- a 103.5 degrees at 3 am bang, to be precise, complete with coughing fit and, well, that thing that happens to CFers when they cough too much and drank three Boost plusses the night before. Um, yeah. Thanks so much for that friendly goodbye, fevers from hell. Love you too.

But, since that night I've been fever free. Which is not to say completely healed, but definitely on the mend! The really amazing part is that my doctor called yesterday and my white blood cells are back to normal and inflammation indications in my blood labs have also decreased to the point where they feel comfortable letting me STOP the IVs. That's the fifth time I've said those words in 2009 and let me tell you, it never stops feeling awesome.

My main complaint (because, hey, we can't be too cheerful over here . . . or can we?), is basically that I'm still pretty sore. I have an ultrasound this afternoon to see if my spleen has gone back down to normal, but I think my body's just been through the ringer so much lately that it's a little beaten down, much as I hate to admit it. I'm trying to silence my inner drill sergeant for a few more days and keep to mild walks (shouldn't be too hard considering I'm still sleeping several times a day), but the big problem is that my vest HURTS. I mean seriously guys. I'm not a fan of pain meds because I hate how they make me feel (same with anti-nausea, this should be interesting post-tx . . . ), but this is bad. I don't think it's the lung collapse, because frankly that happens all the time and I don't have too much trouble powering through it. This, on the other hand, is all over, achey, evil pain. I'm still doing the vest 3x a day for 30 mins (lungs, you owe me AT LEAST a month of health for this one!), but I'm having to do it at a way lower frequency than normal, and even then it's just barely tolerable. Can anyone PLEASE offer some suggestions about ways to make the vest a little easier to handle during serious viral pain? I tried layering soft clothing, but that only made me hot, sweaty, and itchy. Gross.

Okay, so now thaat I've given you enough nasty visuals to ruin even a cystic's appetite (why should I be NPO alone?), I'd like to just end by letting you all know how seriously grateful I am for the good thoughts, healing vibes, prayers, intentions, and sweet comments from all of you. I seriously feel tons better without those nasty fevers hanging around, and though I know it's baby steps back to where I want to be, I can't even express how amazing it will feel to be IV free, fever free, and hopefully soon, pain free. I'm going to be riding my new bike all over Manhattan and catching up on all the summer sun I've missed, big time.


  1. I am glad your fevers are gone and hopefully the pain will go soon too! :)

  2. So glad you're feeling better. I'm with you on avoiding the pain meds, I avoid them like the plague...UNLESS the pain inhibits my breathing and/or treatments. Taking deep breaths and doing our treatments (effectively) is of utmost importance. So my suggestion, use the meds!

    Get (even) better!


  3. Glad the fevers on gone!! Hope the pain goes away soon. I too HATE pain meds. Feel 100% better soon!!!

  4. I can't quite tell if this would apply from your description, but in the recent past when I've been superachy and it's mostly muscular (not working out muscular ache, but general sick/fluish tense/achy) I've taken Skelaxin; it's a muscle relaxer that doesn't make you drowsy, it just sort of tells your muscles to shut up and relax. I can still drive, read, cook, etc; doesn't affect me any more than a glass of wine would (although I don't recommend mixing the two, for your liver's sake).

    It was one of many things tried before we figured out what was really causing Sinus Kerfuffle 2009, because they thought I had just gotten so tense in anticipation of the pain that it was making things worse. Didn't help much then (mind you, dilaudid was "taking the edge off") but I've used it since for the achies described above, both for fluish aches and for the general, I've-been-coughing-so-hard-so-long-that-my-torso-muscles-must-look-like-shredded-wheat pains, and it's worked great without making me stupid or sleepy. Hope that helps - glad you're on the up-and-up!

  5. Hey!
    Glad the fevers left!!
    When M's vest hurts we loosen it as much as possible but make it tight...I personally dont know if that works but my CFer claims it does =)


  6. Great to hear your fevers are gone! That's pretty incredible if there is a healer here in the mix. :) I want to know too.

  7. I'm so glad the fevers broke!!!!!! LOVE YA!

  8. So Glad to hear the fevers are gone, Piper. I hope they stay away for a long long time and the only heat you feel is that warm summer sun. :)