Sunday, November 29, 2009

Live. Love. Create.

After treatments, after exercise, after family and after turkey . . .

. . . you have to take a little time for yourself.

**Note: "Cats" image originally sketched by Andy Warhol, arrangement/colors are my own. "Lotus Blossom" inspired by Turkish folk-art. "Dinner Party" image taken from 1920s cover of "The New Yorker."


  1. love it girl! Pastels and charcoal are one of my fav mediums to create!!!!!! I'm hoping some day to get back into it again :) Colored pencils too! I like that you can mix the colors on those and get some fabulous shading!!!!!

  2. Very inspiring stuff and cool that you, too Amy, are into art. I should try it!! I haven't done anything like that since junior high so it wouldn't be near your caliber. Very impressive!!

  3. The New Yorker pic TOTALLY reminds me of that "self portrait" you did when we were like 9. They hung it in the Children's School building and the last time I was there about 3 years ago, it was still hanging in front of Mrs. Walters' office when you walk in. Of course, this one is a wee bit more sophisticated considering you ARE 20 years older!!! :)