Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Day: A CF Picturebook

Chapter 1: Lazy Morning
(Yes, he sleeps on his back. No, I'm not kidding.)

Chapter 2: IV Afternoon
(Alternative titles for this blog definitely included "Track Marks: Confessions of an IV Junkie." And in case you're counting, this makes 8 times this year.)

Chapter 3: Gyrotonics Evening
(Bad picture, good exercise. You can't really see here, but I had 40 lbs of weight going for each leg. Which we followed by full body squats, lunges, and some other major thigh and quad workouts. I had a lot of extra energy and a lot of motivation - you'll see why in a minute.)

Chapter 4: Bright-Light Night*
(For my transplant friends: yes, this is a FAKE tree. Beautiful, yes. Real, no.)

*Okay, this isn't quite a footnote, but still: thanks go to Victor for the grammar lesson.

Oh yeah, and in between all of that I kinda, sorta, maybe had a dry run for lungs. You know, the usual.

Stay well, my wonderful friends.


  1. You snuck that in at the end! Well, congrats?? If you had a "dry run" that must mean you really are up there on the list like they said, right? I hope you kept a calm head and I hope next time it's the real deal!!!!

    Another Lady In Waiting,
    Cystic Gal

  2. Love the tree picture! And be sure to give Sampson a belly fart for me. :) That sleeping pose is just screaming for one. LOL.

  3. A dry run! I never had one, so I won't say how scary/gnarly/etc that they are. But, that means you are getting so close my friend!

    I love your tree! So pretty.

    Love ya!

    **ps your dog is SO stinkin' cute.

  4. Love the pics!!!! <3 Love you time, they are yours :)

  5. Sorry you had a dry run! I hope next will be it, wil be yours. They MUST BE!

  6. Yeah, kinda, sorta! You are too funny!!! Starting singing, "all i want for christmas are two good lungs, two good lungs, two good lungs"!

  7. Your legs go on for miles... I'm so jealous! I have about a 28 inch inseam hahahaha. I bet your legs are 2x as long as mine :)

    So cool to see you working out. And bummer about the iV's.... hang in there girlie!


  8. 40lbs each wowsa I have leg envy--long, lean, AND strong! What IV meds are you on? I just started too.

    Sorry about the dry run...I am sure they arent nearly as fun as rehersal dinners ;-) they just weren't the perfect ones!

    take care and hang in there

    mom2lillian Nicole

  9. Haha, my puppy sleeps on his back too, it's the only way he's truely comfortable.

    Hoepfully that was your one and only dry run and the next one is the real thing : )