Sunday, February 7, 2010

Leave Me Breathless

Okay, guys, it's time for yet another true confession over here on a Matter of Life and Breath, but I'm warning you: this one is not for the faint of heart (or faint of lung, for that matter). That's right, it's time for you all to learn about my secret fear, the stuff of nightmares, truly the type of thing that keeps me up at night, or out of certain of my friends apartments.

Time to take a really, really deep breath, CFers . . .

Okay, have I freaked you out yet?

Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that I truly, deeply fear stairs in all shapes and sizes. For all my honestly held "exercise is good" beliefs, I just can't deal with these monsters. But, for the sake of my health and my ego, I'll sometimes try to push myself up a flight, or maybe two, or, you know, some other reasonable number.

Like, say, 50.

You know, just as an example.

No, I didn't climb 50 flights of stairs this weekend because, frankly, I'm not that amazing. Apparently those genes (the super-awesome ones) in my family all went to my gorgeous cousin, her fabulous husband, and their four amazing kids, all of whom put on their climbing gear this Saturday and hiked their way to the top of a hotel in order to help find a cure for cystic fibrosis.

I don't know about you, but it leaves me breathless. Literally.

With the MN Vikings Cheerleaders, of course

No, you're not misreading. It really does say "Floor 26 -- Halfway to the top"

Um, I'd need ice cream and snacks too

With a sign for Nina, another CFer from out in Gloria's home state of WA
(and a new friend of mine on CysticLife)

Gloria, Steve, Isaac, Lola, Sam, and Caleb (who, as a toddler, is a little bit young to climb, but no doubts here about his future potential!), you guys are all, in a word, unbelievable. I feel blessed beyond words to have you as my cousins, and I know I speak for the entire CF community when I say a very heartfelt thank you. Believe me, you have 30,000 + hearts (and lungs!) beating in gratitude for you guys right now. And to everyone else who has ever donated or raised a penny for this cause, a huge shout out and thank you to you also.

I may have nightmares about stairs, but I have some pretty amazing dreams as well. And you guys are making them possible.


  1. Piper, your family is AWESOME! Thank them again for me. I have the same feelings about stairs. They suck. I can climb a flight or two, but don't ask me to be able to speak at the same time, or for 10 minutes after the climb! I'll be too busy coughing up a lung and catching my breath.

  2. Ok, Piper, I am in tears. We did this b/c we love you not because we needed recognition. Thank you. Know that we are sending snowy hugs to NY from MN.

  3. Once my skin stopped crawling and my heartrate went back to normal, I really enjoyed your post. Up with shin splints!

  4. OOPPS! Didn't mean to be anonymous--sounds too much like a stalker. I will try this posting thing again :)

  5. That's a very neat idea for a fundraising event....very creative. you have such a supportive group of family and friends.

    And BTW: I HATE stairs too and avoid them at all costs when able....makes me too out of breath and my back pain sky-rockets going up stairs. Although, if I'm feeling good, I do occassionally try to take the stairs when at classes instead of the elevator! Wow...26 floors only being 1/2 way to the top...amazing!

  6. That's totally amazing! And what a great idea for a CF fundraiser. Yikes, I was freaking looking at those photos in the beginning. Right now I can do 2 flights (basement to upstairs) OK with only minimal panting on the top, but sometimes when the lung crud is flaring up half a flight has me winded! Piper, YOUR family is AWESOME!!

  7. I could not read this post. I was horrified by the gruesome images of stairs stairs stairrrrrs!

    Nightmares await,
    i joke,