Saturday, January 22, 2011

Really Silly Verses

There once was a room by the highway
With views of the New Jersey skyway.
It came with double doors
And was up seven floors
In a bustling hospital hallway.

And those two doors were there for a reason
Having to do with the season.
'Cause in winter, you see
One might catch RSV
And end up with coughing and wheezin'.

Which fact is the point of this story
Without getting overly gory,
There are bugs in my nose
But that's just how life goes,
And I don't want my breathheads to worry.

I'm not happy, it goes without saying,
About how these cards have been laying.
I try to understand
This is part of the plan
Of this wonderful game we're all playing.

There are drugs, there are fears, there are times when
It feels like you simply cannot win.
But for now there are lights
From New York City nights
And tomorrow we're blessed to try again.


  1. Sorry you're having a rough time, bute that was so cute!!
    Get well soon!!!

  2. adorbs. Will that make it through the comment filter, typing adorbs? I hope so. And I hope you're out of there and taking NYC by storm in no time.

    Bravo should seriously contact *you* about having your own show. Or at least a WWHL appearance :o)

    <3 as always!

  3. Beautiful. There can be something comforting about the fact that this city never falls asleep on you. Here's hoping this passes quickly.

  4. You never cease to give me a good laugh Piper.. no matter what the circumstance...