Friday, December 2, 2011

**Blogger Challenge: Emily's Entourage**

You know how every so often you come across someone who is smart, kind, loving, beautiful, and 100% devoted to making a difference?

A few weeks ago one of my good friends and fellow CFers, Emily, contacted me with an idea and a vision. Apparently some of her close friends and family had recently participated in a stair climb for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and (as so often happens when we climb to new heights together for a cause we believe in) they had left the event feeling inspired, energized, and ready to do more. And that "more" in their case came in the form of a video, spearheaded by Emily's brother, that was designed to make something happen for people with cystic fibrosis.

When I first spoke with Em I was impressed by her commitment (she and her friends had already filmed the video and were working on a website) and by her drive to make a something happen in the CF world. "Wow," I remember thinking to myself, "this girl is talented and eager to fundraise. Awesome." Before she even had two words out of her mouth I was plotting ways to leverage her connections to bring us one step closer to that cure.

But when I sat down to actually view her video -- with her still patiently waiting on the other line, no less -- I found myself actually left speechless. Far from simply asking for donations from her viewers, I realized, this girl was asking for participation. She was asking for each person who saw the video and felt connected to her message to donate what they could and then to pass it on. To share the vision. To advocate for themselves, for their children, for their siblings, for their friends, and for everyone else with cystic fibrosis. She was asking, in other words, for more than money -- what she wanted was a movement.

And so, in the spirit of Emily's vision and the power of her devoted "entourage", I am asking each of you to take her challenge.

Please everyone, take a moment to view this video (and have a box of tissues ready when you do so, because you'll need them!). Take a second to contemplate all the love and energy that is reflected back on you from the screen. Remember, if you can, that this is a video put together not by workers in an office or by someone hired to do it, but by a wonderful and hugely inspiring woman, graduate student, employee, daughter, sister, friend, and activist who actually needs this cure. Then think about what it's asking for -- a couple dollars, a couple seconds of your time, a couple words for you to spread the message to your friends that this is a cause that can't wait any longer -- and see if you can really find in your heart a good excuse not to make that small request happen.

Yeah, I couldn't find one either.

So with all respect, love, and faith in the unbelievable power of this community, I'm officially declaring this to be the latest and possibly greatest "Matter of Life and Breath Blogger Challenge: Emily's Entourage Edition." Here are your official rules for participation:

1) View Emily's amazing video here, then consider making a donation of your own or "liking" her page on FB (neither is required, but both are encouraged!).
2) Create your own blog post, FB status update, or other form of social networking tool (letter, email, whatever). In the body of the message, place a small paragraph of why YOU fight for a cure for cystic fibrosis and why this cause matters to YOU. This can be your CF story, your wish for the holidays, your version of community -- whatever.
3) Link to Emily's Entourage Website and encourage your own readers to take up the challenge.
4) Comment back here with a link to your blog a message about how you shared this vision for an automatic entry into a drawing for a very special CF/transplant-awareness prize package, including gifts from, apparel, and other fun goodies!
5) Re-post these rules on your own page.

Drawing will be held on Dec. 16 (2 weeks from today!).

**As always, you do NOT need to link back to my blog on your site. However, only those whole leave a comment on this post will be entered into the drawing for the prize. Non-CFers and community members of all genders, ages, sizes, and disease status absolutely encouraged to participate.**


  1. Hey awesome lady, I just updated my blog (in a slightly pain-medicted haze, so beware). My reason is straight to the point and brief- I fight for you and all of my CF friends. I fight because I see them each struggle every day. I see all of these beautiful souls battling an unforgiving illness and it makes me so sad but inspires me at the same time. I love you for doing this, and much love to Emily and her Entourage- they are doing great things!!!

  2. Hi Piper,

    I copied you on the email I sent out to friends&family with the link and my paragraph. Is that enough to enter?

    For your readers, I fight because my son, Thomas, died of Cystic Fibrosis when he was only 22 years old. Organ donation and more awareness might have saved his life. I am asking all my friends to donate 22 dollars in his honor and to pass along Emily's Entourage to 22 people. Thank you, Piper, for the wonderful idea.

    With love.

  3. Here is a link to the note I posted - on facebook - with a link to Emily's website: I don't necessarily need to be entered in the drawing; I just wanted you to know that I did my part to help get this message out. I chose fb as my medium because it just has the potential to reach a wider audience (I don't think anyone really reads my blog anymore - and I hardly write for it anymore either).

  4. I took the challenge!

  5. I took the Challenge! Thanks to Stacey for posting her's!

  6. I took the challenge!

  7. oh.. I also tweeted the blog ;)

  8. You have an award on my blog. Hope you don't mind. I just happen to love reading your blog :)

  9. My post today is me taking the challenge as a CF MOM!!

  10. I took the challenge. I posted, "facebooked" and tweeted.

  11. Hey there! I took the challenge! What a wonderful idea. Thanks for orchestrating!

  12. Working on my own CF project, so I won't be able to participate (post a blog) for this Blogger Challenge, but I've already shared, liked, and tweeted this challenge to others! Go Emily and Piper!

    Peaceful things, lots of love, and happy holidays!