Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Prayer In Celebration

In honor of National Donate Life Month and in recognition of the truly beautiful gift of organ donation, hundreds of donor families, living donors, recipients and their families, and healthcare workers will gather today at the amazing St. Patrick's Cathedral. Today, I offer this prayer in memory of my beloved Donor Bob -- the greatest guy I never got to meet -- and for all those who give of themselves to help save us all.

A Prayer in Celebration of a Life I Never Knew

I wasn't there to hold your hand
The day you slipped away.
I was going through the motions,
I was on my knees to pray.
Two hearts at once were beating,
Two strangers in the night;
Two families filled with grieving,
Two souls putting up a fight.
None of us were certain
What tomorrow's morn would bring
Lives were hanging in the balance
When we heard that telephone ring.

In the grand scheme of Creation,
Saving my life seems so small,
But I promise, lovely donor,
To my family: it means all. 

If I saw you on the street today 
I wouldn't know your face,
But I hope that you'd be proud of me
And look on me with Grace.
Because every breath I breathe this life
Is your breath breathing too,
Every song and whispered prayer
Made possible by you. 
The lessons you have taught to me,
I will not soon forget,
Like what a gift it is to save
A life we've never met.

So Donor Bob, this one's for you
(I hope that you like rhyme!)
You've given me amazing things
You've offered me more time.

And Lord, please hear this simple prayer,
Please look down from above,
Guide me to spread Bob's purest gift,
The gift of selfless love.


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  1. So powerful. Thanks for sharing your heart with us, Piper. I agree with the commentator on Facebook: you speak for so many of us when you write.