Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful words

As a cystic who has always considered herself an optimist, but who has recently struggled with a feeling of cynacism towards people who seem somehow overly optimistic or naive about CF, I found the following really wonderful to read. Written by the wife of a CFer, this post is touchingly optimistic and inspirational while still acknowledging the struggles and reality so many of us are facing. If you get a chance, I recommend reading, because she found the words I have been searching for without success for the past two years:

PS: the rest of the site is cool too!


  1. Very interesting Piper. I am an optimist for myself, but never ever downplay what someone else is going through. If someone tells me something they are going through and I don't think it's really that bad, I won't ever say that, because to them it is. And like us CFers, we can look healthy on the outside, and therefore, it's difficult for some people to realize what all we go through. My ex husband once said that even after reading my story, people have no idea what CFers go through without living it.
    On a different note.. I just want you to know how much you inspire me. Your jest for life and your successful career are an inspiration to all of us suffering from CF, or any chronic illness for that matter. I'm sure people at your work or in your social life have no idea what you struggle with each day.

  2. That was interesting to read and I feel similar to her views some of the time. I am definitely an optimist too, and find it very difficult to combine hope thoughts with the acceptance and reality of my own death.

    It's very tricky to get my brain in sync with both concepts at the same time b/c they don't match up very well. I'd much rather be the optimist that I am though then a pessimist. It seems to take less energy being optimistic and lighter on my mind.