Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tonight's Top Ten List

So I think I finally have this gravity drip thing figured out, although it took a while. So far today I have successfully maintained a 25-40 minute infusion rate for 2 out of 3 treatments. Woo-hoo! So as much as I now hate home healthcare, I can at last proudly proclaim that I am in fact smarter than a five foot pole and 6 feet worth of tubing. Thanks to you guys, that is.

On an entirely separate note, I recruited someone to be an organ donor today. Actually, to be fair, he said he had wanted to be a donor for a while now, but he hadn't signed the necessary forms in NY. So I encouraged him to get cracking, and he registered! Double woo-hoo! But I guess that brings me to my next question for everyone out there, which is this: how do you guys typically bring up the subject of organ donation when dealing with non-CFers?

Most of my "cysticly-challenged" friends probably aren't donors. I don't think this is because they don't want to be, necessarily, but more due to the fact that NY has a pretty annoying registration process. It's not just a sign your license and go sort of thing. And once you've registered, you're pretty well locked into it here. Your family can't override your wishes and you have to jump through a couple hoops to get yourself off the registry (as I understand it). Some people I've chatted with find this system scary, and others -- like my friend today -- just "haven't gotten around to it." Now, granted, most of my friends are in their 20s and 30s, so they hopefully have plenty of years left in which to register as organ donors. They also mostly don't have wills or healthcare proxies written either, so I think a good part of the non-donor thing is just an unwillingness to plan for anything involving end of life stuff. Which I totally get, btw. I've been faced with the possibility of my own mortality basically since I was born, and I didn't even draft a will until last year. It's just not the sort of thing anyone really wants to think about, obviously.

At the same time, I really want my friends to at the VERY least consider organ donation, and preferably sooner rather than later. I think this means that I need to talk to more of them about it, but it's a tough topic to bring up. For one thing, it doesn't exactly fit well into our normal conversations and for another, well, it's just kinda awkward b/c I feel like people always think I'm PERSONALLY asking them for their organs. But honestly, let's face it, short of determining that I need a living-lobar transplant there is VERY little chance that I'm going to somehow end up with my best friend's lungs in my chest (knocks on every piece of wood in the apartment). So come on guys, this isn't about me. It's about giving someone -- or, in most cases, multiple someones -- a second chance at life just by agreeing to share what you no longer need! What could be difficult about that decision?

Anyway, here's my personal top ten list of reasons to be an organ donor. Feel free to use these on your friends/coworkers/eccentric family members/whoever else will listen:

1) Let's start with the obvious: Organ donation saves lives. Period.
2) You never had much of a use for that second kidney anyway.
3) You're so awesome, just think how much better the world would be if there were three or four people all with a little bit of you inside them!
4) Every time someone donates an organ, an angel gets his wings.
5) Despite what this movie would have you believe, you're probably not going to have too many chances to use your organs after you're dead.
6) Did I mention organ donation saves lives? Yes? Well good, because it does.
7) Signing up to be an organ donor takes less time and is more productive than any of the following activities: updating your outdated My Space profile to reflect that Britney Spears is not, in fact, still your favorite recording artist of all time; programing your DVR to record the entire season of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County"; or filling out that "25 random things about me" survey on facebook.
8) All the cool kids are doing it.
9) This puppy really, really wants you to be an organ donor:

10) No really, I'm serious: ORGAN DONATION SAVES LIVES!

Happy recruiting, everyone!


  1. Awesome news that you got your friend to register to be a donor. In CA they created a registry that one could join that would be absolute in that family could not override the decision. When I talk to people here in Nevada they always say "I have the sticker on my drivers licence"...I tell them it is not enough. If you feel strongly about it, share your feelings with your family, since they will be the main decision makers!

    Awesome job! I love the pic of the pup!

  2. LMAO I seriously LOVE your dog!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great list. Most of my older friends (i.e. friends that are also my mom's friends) are organ donors but I think that is because they are older and they have seen more of their friends pass away young. A couple of my non-CF, my age friends are too. And a few of my co-workers. I have a Organ Donation magnet at my desk and I have had a few people ask about it. Mainly I get the "but I heard the DRs will let you die if they know you are a donor" lie that everyone seems to hear. Then I go into my spiel about how that isn't true yadda yadda!

    This year at the Great Strides walk I plan on handing out to all my team members pamphlets on Organ Donation that I have left over from last years benefit. I can always send some your way if you want.... :)

    AWESOME you recruited your friend! :)

  3. Congrats on converting your friend.. YAY!!!

    What a great list.