Monday, March 9, 2009

True Confessions

Alright, serious confession time. There is something I've been keeping from all of you on this blog, and it's not something I'm necessarily proud of. Actually, it's pretty embarrassing, to be totally honest. But clearly I can't keep it a secret forever, so here goes nothing . . .

I have an addiction . . .

. . . to TV infomercials.

There, I said it. And it's true. Really sadly, pathetically true actually. I love the damn things, to the point where I will often just sit there mesmorized, convinced that the product on my screen is the answer to pretty much every problem in the universe. "Wow!" I think to myself, "If I had that special slicer/dicer/whatever thing, I would totally julianne my own potatoes!" Who cares that I don't honestly know what it means to julianne a vegetable? And honestly, does it really matter that I haven't purchased potatoes for myself in several years? Clearly buying a miracle slicer would change all that!

No, I don't normally actually BUY the stuff. I pretty much just sit around in a trance imagining what I could do with whatever the greasy looking man and overtanned woman on TV happens to be selling. Although before you totally write off the whole thing, I should say that I once did buy a blender like thing called the "Magic Bullet" which is honestly the best thing I've ever purchased. I never made any shakes in my old blender because it was a pain to clean, but this thing lets you blend stuff right into a cup. I put some Boost Plus, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup in the magic bullet and let it do its thing. The Boost Plus is pretty much the only thing I'll drink in the high-cal supplement category, but I actually really like these shakes. I normally use chocolate, but vanilla works too.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with CF, beyond the fact that I may have developed this obsession through bored hospital channel surfing. Right now I'm up waiting for my tobra IV to finish infusing, and I just stumbled across a GREAT informercial for some sort of miracle space saving hanger (it bends). I have plenty of hangers, and I'm pretty sure this invention won't help me gain weight like the blender, so I probably won't order it, but I'm pretty sure it could do wonders for my dress closet!

On a personal health note: things are fine. I'm still on IVs (into week 4) so that's nothing new. No more issues with the gravity drip, thankfully. Had a great weekend with some friends and some really amazing NY food and weather. My parents called after the CF Ski event this weekend in Vail, which raised over $450,000 for CF research in three days. Wow, good going guys!

Also, if you have a second, please take a little time to visit The Finding Jenn Project website. This was started by a great CF friend and Cyster of mine in memory of a wonderful knitter who fought an amazing battle with CF. For all you knitters out there, this is a great way to strut your creative stuff AND help out CF patients!


  1. OMG...I LOVE infomercials too! LOL that's to funny. I think it might be the hospital that got me into watching them, I mean what else is on at 3am?? But I must admit I also like watching QVC from time to time and I too own the magic bullet! :)

  2. LOL I used to watch QVC when I was younger and needed to fall asleep then they became addicting and I had to stop haha!!!!

    It's ok Piper, we all have our vices!!! :)

  3. Some of those infomercials do look pretty awesome! I can understand. :)


  4. RONCO is the only one I can't stand!! I hate it actually "set and forget it" he is SO annoying! :)