Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Life Lessons

It's no secret that I believe in the power of positivity. Honestly, if my blog does nothing else, I hope that it shares with my family and friends some insight into my view of the beauty of life (with or without CF) and the indescribable awesomeness of every. single. breath. I don't always have much to offer, and I've never claimed to be any sort of spiritual sage, but these past few years and months and weeks and days of living with CF and living in general have taught me that this gift of life is too amazing to spend suffering, regretting, or blaming. And of course my fellow cysters and fibros have added so much to that understanding -- all of us together, at all our various stages of progression and illness, health, life, and happiness -- stand in my mind as a sort of monument to the fact that overwhelming joy and the will to simply live are so much stronger than any disease or any set of mutated genes.

That said, there are CFers out there tonight who are not doing well. These people are kind, sweet, loving, and good-hearted individuals, with friends and family who cherish them and hate to see them fighting or in pain. And in the spirit of the upcoming week -- that of being grateful for all that we have, loving others, reunions and coming together -- I'm asking that each of you take a few minutes for our fellow journeyers in need of love, strength, peace, comfort, and light right now. Whether it's a moment of silent prayer, a shared blessing with your friends/family/congregation, the sending of good vibes, or just a second of your time to celebrate life in honor of these people, I'm sure that they, and their families, would deeply appreciate it.

For Eva, whose story has inspired and educated so many;
Natalia, who has an infant girl to come home to;
Courtney, who has touched my own life personally, as well as many others in this community;
Ginger, who has a devoted husband and young son;
For all the others, past and present, who show us what it means to LIVE . . .

Thank you for your strength in the face of obstacles, for your faith and love and optimism, for allowing us all to share in your stories -- through the good and the bad, for the money you've raised and the drugs you've helped to discover, for the companionship, the friendship, and the community that we've all shared. I am deeply humbled to be a part of it all, each and every day.

I truly believe that CFers together can move mountains. Hey, we defy expectations and conquer limitations each and every day, so what's a little miracle among friends, right? Please, please, please give a little of yourself and your time and your heart for those in our community who could use a little something extra tonight. And to everyone who is sick or healthy; living with CF at age 5 months or 50 years; breathing tonight alone or on oxygen or on the vent; caring for a loved one or being cared for by those you love; climbing mountains or climbing into your hospital bed -- thank you so much for the inspiration and the lessons.


  1. Piper, a very nice post. We have lost quite a few Cfers recently and as you stated there are many going through their own trials at this time. We can only hope that they are able to rebound and get back to their families.


  2. Very thoughtful and kind post Piper. They are all in my prayers.