Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So after months of anticipation and waiting, it's finally happened! This is the moment we've all been hoping for, and the one I hope will bring about some GREAT changes in 2010 for my life with CF . . .


Okay, okay, I know that intro wasn't exactly playing fair considering that this is a transplant blog, but in all honesty I'm really excited about this website. Started by my fabulous fibro friend Ronnie and his fantastic fiancee Mandi (of Run, Sickboy, Run fame), this is a new website for cystics, their loved ones, and anyone willing to "Join the Cause, Be the Cure." To better explain, I'm stealing a quote from Mandi's most recent post over at RSR:

"We want CysticLife to be a place where people can come when they're down to be picked up, and a place to share your accomplishments when you're riding high. It will be a place to gain knowledge from your peers who have lived it and get it. CL is about becoming comfortable with who you are and what CF means in your life. It is about transforming the CF community into being their own cure. We want to give people the skills to manage their CF and take care of themselves. We want people to go through life with a smile on their face, a can-do attitude and the confidence to take on whatever challenges might come their way."

So please, if you get the time (and really, who doesn't have 5 minutes?), go over and check it out, make a profile, and start connecting with other people who could use your knowledge, inspiration, and power! Just think of it as cystics without borders. Or something like that.

On a personal note, CF and transplant appointments this week, so stay tuned for updates.


  1. haha, you tricked me. i thought you got the call. i'll be sure to check it out.

  2. Too freaky, I have a tranplant appointment this week too. Are you sure we are not the same person? LOL. I hope you are doing well.