Friday, May 28, 2010

T-Shirt Update

Hello to all my fellow and beloved breathheads (ps: loving the new nickname)!

So here's a quick update on the shirt situation:

*Today (Friday the 28th) is the official deadline. I will be placing the order at 4:00 pm EST, so please have your order in by then. I will probably be getting a limited number of extra shirts, but those will only be available on a first-come/first-served basis.

*Youth sizes update: they will be available! However, the youth sizes will be simply xs/s/m/l (no special toddler sizes available, sorry!). If you have a little one and asked about a shirt for him/her, you'll be receiving an email from me confirming that you still want one and the right size for your child.

*I will send a confirmation to each of you with your order "invoice" (i.e., number of shirts and size breakdown). If there is a problem, or if you don't receive your confirmation by noon Friday, please contact me!

*Once you have received your confirmation, then feel free to donate toward the cost of the printing/shipping either by paypal (email: or by snail mail. I'll send a mailing address to those who requested it along with the confirmation. Remember, no official cost for t-shirts, and donation is NOT required for your shirt.

On a personal note, I have been incredibly touched (and my sister is flattered) by the response to the t-shirts. Thank you all for your support, your readership, and your general awesomeness. I hope you enjoy the shirts and wear them with pride -- these lungs are for all of you!

xoxo beautiful people,


  1. Hi Piper,
    I've been following your blog for a few months. I wanted to put in a request for a t-shirt, size M adult.

    Also, hang in there. I really hope you get the call soon. Mine came 11 years ago in April, and I've been breathing great ever since. Of course, not without bumps in the road. :)

  2. Hey Claire,

    I'd love to get you a t-shirt. Can you please send your address to so I can confirm your order?

    Thanks for reading and your encouraging words. Glad to hear you're enjoying your new lungs!

  3. Hi Piper..I too would love a T shirt and would love to donate to help defray the costs. A large adult would be great, it will probably be my new fav shirt that I will wear until there are holes in them LOL! I hope you get those lungs soon, know that I am thinking about you alot, praying too. Maybe this will be the weekend for you to get those sparkly new lungs. Hugs :)
    J Roussel (JustDucky)

  4. Can't wait to get this fabulous shirt! :)

  5. AHH! I missed the deadline. :( If you ordered any extras I'd take it, or if you plan to order again, let me know!

  6. Yes... I would like one...

  7. oh my I am so happy that we are finally doing these shirts- SO excited. I hope I get enough orders to get my cost down to $10, right now it's at $16/shirt. YAY. New shirts= new lungs. I am ordering a whole bunch of my Cystic Gal shirts to give away at Christmas too!

  8. I completely forgot to put in my t-shirt order size. Is it too late to order one? I am an adult medium! I will go ahead an email you if that's alright.