Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Another Manic . . . Tuesday?


So today started off easy enough. Got up, did treatments, began negotiations with my doctor about starting IVs tmw, and headed out into the NYC Summer heat (yep, it's finally here) with my parents to look at some property. Nothing too surprising -- even the IVs seemed semi workable, and I set up a clinic appt for tmw to help decide the age-old inpatient vs. home question. Add in a French cafe for lunch and thugs were looking, if not perfect, then at least within the realm of normal.

And then along comes SVT.

Yep, that's right -- this post isn't entirely about CF. SVT is another set of letters that makes my life complicated, and today it was on in full force. For over an hour my HR was around 225 bpm, before I ended up at the nearest NYC ER. Luckily the issue was resolved pretty quickly, and I was simply made to wait for a couple hours to make sure everything was stable. I was also given strict instructions to get fully checked out tmw at clinic, which was obviously never in question.

The best part about this experience? Well, it might have been the drunk man who told the cop who brought him in that she had "a thick ass" and was "a sneaky doughnut eater." To her credit, she won best retort of the evening with the line "sir, that is One thing I definitely do NOT have, is a thick ass!" turns out she had recently qualified by time alone for the Florida marathon. Nice.

Or it might have been that my dad was the victim of street fraud, when a man on the sidewalk literally threw fried rice on him and then demanded $12 because dad had "ruined his dinner."

But I'd say the winner hands down is that, for now, I'm home with the sammybear, camped on my couch and savoring a few hours of peace before clinic tmw and almost certain admission. True, between the SVT and the CF I'm more than a little fed up with the abbreviations in my life right now, but for now I choose to focus on that one, universal truth:

There is, truly, no place like home.

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  1. Wow! I have SVT too periodically, but haven't for almost 2 years. I hadn't heard about anyone else with it until this post. Thanks! Hope you're okay and your iv course goes smoothly.

  2. You are such an amazing woman Piper! Such a lovely family also. Glad you got the SVT under control quickly. Praying you find peace with the hospital/home decision.

  3. Sorry to hear about your latest bump in the road. Hope the IV's do their magic and you are feeling better soon. Reading your amazing blog along with a few others has inspired me to take the plunge into blogdom myself. You can check me out at SASsyCASTLE@blogspot.com. Stay strong.

  4. wow, and I thought I had a crazy day with a new dog ruling the house! Glad to hear everything worked out and you got some laughs out of the whole situation, as usual. I hope tomorrow's appointment goes well and you are feeling better.


  5. So sorry to hear about your SVT... take care!!! (by SVT, you mean superior venous thrombosis, right?)