Friday, June 18, 2010

Another day, another (small but important) milestone: up and walking! In a "tmi" update, I have been using the restroom like a, well, functioning adult all day. That plus a walk of about 700 ft or so plus lots of sitting and a successful bronch means a great and very productive day!

Huge thanks for the day to my godmother, dad, and Ben for the gifts and help! I feel so special and loved! Also thanks to all for the much-needed encouragement!

Plan is release by early/mid next week. Praise God and good friends for the blessings (and the starburst!)!

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  1. Hurray!!! You're up and walking!!
    WONDERFUL to hear your news!
    Louise & Dave

  2. Way to go Piper! Such will and strength. Thank you for sharing your journey. Praise God you are doing so well. We will continue to pray for your complete recovery!! Blessings to you!

  3. Hi Piper! The Enochs continue to pray and send healing vibes your way. Your strength and courage are such an insperation! Love ya

  4. Praise God for YOU and all of your accomplishments. Great, great news to read!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Cindy C (TinyGreenTurtles)June 18, 2010 at 9:25 PM

    This made me cry happy tears. You are amazing. <3


  6. AWESOME!!!! You ROCK!!! As always, praying and rooting for you. Hugs,
    Jenn (JustDucky)

  7. You are one cool cyster Piper! When I grow up I want to be just like you! {{{hugs}}} ~Juliet

  8. I check your blog every day to see what's going on. I am sooooooo happy for you!!!

  9. Wow, Piper. You rock! :-)

  10. Fantastic news. You are apparently doing an amazing job of getting these lungs to live with you - keep it up! Mary Frances Edwards (McA HS '65)