Friday, June 18, 2010

Small Blessings

Really do make all the difference!

The major update is that sitting up has become "default" even while in bed. I am less propped and feeling more and more like a functional person just muscle-wise every day. The posts remain short as I am blogging from my iPad, so it takes a bit more energy to type without splodgy typos everywhere. That and honestly no news is good news at this point: small, peaceful steps towards recovery are huge daily victories.

I say it all the time but I remaining awe of all the support and love. I feel honored deeply touched to have had everyone along with me for this ride. For now though, it's more than enough to be safe, warm, and preparing to spend another day reaching ever new milestones!

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  1. Dont worry about only doing short posts. After my transplant it took me a half hour to write a short email because of the drugs I was on. I remember I had to really concentrate hard to do it without a bunch of typos.

  2. I simply love how you're able to even just post...even if it only said "hello" it truly is a miracle. amazing.
    Sending all my love.

  3. wonderful wonderful news Piper :) Thinking of youxxxxJoanna

  4. i am so happy to hear you are on room air! very soon you will be RUNNING on room air! welcome to the first day to the rest of your life! yay!