Saturday, June 12, 2010


So it's happening! We're in the home stretch of the surgery-less than an hour before she's taken to the ICU. According to the doctors, everything is going well.

It's an interesting story. We were at dinner, just finishing dinner, just finishing a very stressful family dinner. The day before, at a routine Transplant appointment, my mother asked if Piper was still first on the list. They learned that, in fact, no, she was no longer first on the list. Someone of similar height and the same blood type had recently moved ahead.

This news didn't sit well. My mother, after an entire year without being home, seeing her friends, sleeping in her bed, or taking her dogs for a walk was on the verge of losing it. How could we be in the same place we were in last November? Suddenly we thought, we had to continue down this path of grey. Continue waiting, hoping, thinking ourselves in and out of boxes, figuring out a situation that is, frankly, un-figure-outable.

So dinner was stressful. There was a main course of Red Snapper with heaping sides of tears, anger, guilt, love and a glass or two of wine. As Piper finished her dessert, pretty much in that awkward silence that follows one of those awkward family dinners, my father paying, my mother quiet, the phone rang. There they were.

And here we are.

I will continue to update, until she can. We thank everyone for there support and love. Please know, we feel it.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful news! All in God's timing!

  2. Thank you, Erin, for the update. Thinking of all of you and sending all of you our love.

  3. It is a beautiful sunny afternoon in England. We have spent the day enjoying my husband's 8-month-old new lungs. This news has made our day even better. We are so happy for Piper and will be keeping everything crossed for her in the days and weeks to come. Soon she will be out and about enjoying the freedom we're loving today. May her ups be high, her downs not too low and the bumps mere pebbles in the road.

    Vicky and Will Cramer xx

  4. Piper,
    Words can't describe how happy I am for you!!! I couldn't wait to check the blog and FB to see what was going on. When I didn't see anything I said to Jim that this could be IT. No news is, usually, good news. So glad that this time you are going to be waking up with a brand new journey ahead of you. Heal up and we'll be grabbing that cup of Joe soon.
    Warm and loving thoughts to your donor and your donors family! Or as I usually post TYD&DF! Sooo, sooo happy for you!!!!

  5. What an amazing story. So happy for all of you!

  6. Such good news!!! Erin, Kathleen and Mike, we are in NYC and can help in any way. If you need anything brought to the hospital just let us know. As always, our hearts and prayers are with you. George, Dianna Nate & Ben

  7. YEAH!!!! PIPER

    Have been following your blog for a while now. I am so EXCITED for you. Love all your posts they give such hope for those of us struggling with CF. Good Luck Girl!! Cant wait to hear the stories of how amazing you are going to feel.

    xoxo Teri

  8. What wonderful news to wake up to on the west coast. Congratulations Piper! Thank you Erin for your support and updates.

  9. YES!!!!! So happy for you and your family!!! A new adventure begins TODAY!!

    As I approach my 2 yr post-tx mark, I am just bursting w/ excitement for what the future holds for you!!!

    Hugs Cyster!

  10. Sending positive vibes and prayers for you all!

  11. Best news ever and no one deserves life more!!! Blessings and many thanks to to donor and the donor family that they will receive a little bit of joy knowing that in passing they gave an amazing human being life.

  12. Congrats Piper...
    I know you will do well, I can't wait to hear what big adventure you have been on or how You danced all night long !!
    Payers be with You and your Family as well as the Donor Family.