Sunday, June 20, 2010

All of This

Well, last night was a little bit of a revelation.

The first major milestone of the evening (other than my 1 week anniversary!) was the message from a friend that she received her shirt! So they did, in fact, go out and should be arriving soon. I think she liked it, too, which made me excited on a personal level. I'm so excited to be able to offer the shirts to readers, and stay tuned for new wardrobe additions.

Milestone number 2 was the fact that I was satting 95 on room sir. Excuse me?! 95?! Um, where did that awesomeness come from? Donor, you continue to amaze me. (side note: I did slip the o2 back on around 3 am when I woke up briefly after some odd dreams that were likely drug-related, but it wasn't scary or bad.)

And finally, I realized yesterday that I can still cough - which is a good thing! For one, it means that my lack of cough is REAL and not a product of lack of muscle or something. For another, your body needs to clear its airways. So yesterday I had a couple of good coughs, and that was awesome in itself.

In other words, yesterday was another in a long string of good days. I'm not going to pretend this was easy -- my family is already laughing over my post-surgery drama -- but I will already say that it was worth it. I've teared up several times already from the amazing, well, just GREATNESS of it all. I can begin to express my gratitude, my optimism, and my faith in this all. And if that sounds melodramatic, just imagine how it feels to actually live it! I want all my pre-tx friends to someday breathe this way, and my head just keeps marveling at how wonderful it is. All of which should be taken with a grain of salt seeing as I'm a well-known sentimentalist, but all my CF friends - know that I have SUCH high hopes for us all, even those of us who don't go the transplant route, because if breathing can be this easy then surely we'll all taste of that somewhere.

In the meantime, though, it's tough to comprehend just how beautiful this slow unfolding of such an ultimate gift can be. I know I'll never be able to say thank you enough to everyone who made this possible, but I also know now that it never hurts to keep trying. So thank you again, all of you, for all of this.

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  1. "....if breathing can be this easy..."

    I dont know what to say :) I'm so glad this happened for you xxx joanna

  2. It continues to be simply amazing to share even a small portion of this journey with you. It was so fantastic to hear your voice last night and even better to "hear" your beautiful words this morning. Sentimental on ... I'll be right there with you.

  3. I was also amazed that breathing could be that easy!! Who knew that we were actually supposed to be breathing that way?? Welcome to the transplant world, Piper. It will amaze you more and more every day! I still amazes me after 3.5 years!

  4. I had odd dreams once my canula was taken away also. It probably was the pain meds,but coudn't get it out of my head that my lungs wouldnot breath onceI fell asleep. The thought was totally redic of course since I was being monitored by the nursing staff anyway so there was never really any worries.

  5. Piper, you give me so much hope. Hope that someday down the road breathing will be easy. I can't even fathom that right now, as I choke back a terrible cold/cough with every. single. breath.

    I am in such awe that you can write such a beautiful post just one week after major surgery. You are truly amazing and I guess I shouldn't expect anything less.

    Love to you Pip! Can't wait to have you back in chat. :) Now if only the iPad could do Flash!

  6. Thank YOU Piper for just being you and sharing everything with us! I am go excited for all of us that have taken on a new journey!