Thursday, June 17, 2010

Golden Afternoon

So, proving once again that blessings always show up when you least expect them, I just received the good news that I have a bed awaiting me in step down. The arterial line is out. The catheter is out, and all that remains is for me to get settled in my new room and await tomorrow's bronch.

Thank you so much for all of the support and peaceful vibes. I hope to update more regularly from the floor. In the meantime, all my love and light to you, and thanks for seeing us through what has been a wild ride.

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  1. Dear Piper,
    Hooray- your room is ready! I have been thinking of you every day and love reading posts of your progress. You are such an inspiration to me and so many others. I am so happy your lungs arrived. I was hoping a planned visit from me might do the trick. I hear people at the European CF conference in Portugal are following your progress on your blog. You are international star! I had a bag filled with various chocolate items delivered to your apartment and a box of cookies (that may be sort of stale by now). It was originally meant to help put on some pounds while you were waiting but now your sweet family can enjoy. I am so happy for you and the new life that is now before you. Looking forward to many years of friendship and to seeing you in IPAD ads very soon. Much love, Beth

  2. Hi Piper, Been following your journey for a couple of months now and am so happy that you finally got your new lungs. I must say, your surgery seems to have gone extremely smooth. I hope your recovery goes well too.

    I'm not a CFer, but rather a severe asthmatic. I was on the list as well, but decided to take myself off.

    Well, best of luck to you!


    PS.. I'm also as an RT who has actually worked with transplant patients.

  3. Hey Piper!
    I love all of this good news! Leaving ICU and a bunch of lines behind is a big step. Way to go! Sending love and healing vibes your way!


  4. Good luck with the move Piper, I know it will go well! Can't wait to hear more updates and eventually visit you up there. Armed with Us Weekly and candy bars of course. Maybe throw in some chips, get wild, you know. Thinking of you (and your family and sammy!) xoxo erin & russell

  5. Oh great news :) Was a bit owrried when there wasnt an update yesterday :/ Very glad to hear that it's ALL GOOD!!!!! blessings to you, have a great dayxxxx joanna

  6. Kick back relax and enjoy ..
    Good to hear you are losing the
    tubes, like losing balls and chains.Hope to hear you are taking walks soon..
    Good luck with the bronch, cake walk though. I am sure you have had a bunch of them, the doc tries to drug me when I get them because I tell Short jokes when on the happy meds. He is 5'4'' lol


  7. I'm so happy things are progressing so wonderfully for you; congrats on bustin' out of the ICU!! Keep on keepin' on and please know that Kev and I are sending your way all the positive, healing vibes we can muster up.