Monday, June 21, 2010

New Lungs Everywhere

Wow, I am, once again, totally blown away by the response for shirts! Thanks to all my would-be fashionistas/os. Let's make this world an even better place full of beautiful new lungs!

Here's some quick info:

1) we want everyone to get a shirt, but we will be producing new versions at some point as well. To that end, please submit orders for these shirts THIS WEEK. They will be shipped out as we have them for now, and if we need a new order it will go out by early next week sometime. So you have until FRIDAY, then these lungs are hitting the benches.

2) my amazing Godmother suggested we donate proceeds after this point to the CFF, and I plan to do so. Suggested donation is as she posted yesterday. However, no one will be denied a shirt based on cost since that was never the deal. Please consider sending us some money to go towards new hope and therapies for people with CF. Fighting CF, one set of lungs at a time!

3) for those who wish to order multiple shirts at this point, I can still do that. However, just know that your order will probably ship a little later.

4) PLEASE send pics of yourselves in shirts to! I'd love to do some photo montages and even use them in some upcoming CF awareness projects!

Tons of love to everyone. I feel so lifted up by all of the support, and love sending out the shirts! We will of course have some "new lungs" available as my talented sister continues her career as transplant fashionista. Also keep an eye out for glamour magazine's fashion gives back issue for something very special!

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  1. Got my shirt today!! Once it is washed, I will put it on and take a pic and send it to you!

  2. I would love a shirt Piper. I will send you my $10 and address. I can't wait to wear my support for you! XO!

  3. Got my shirt in the mail and will forward on a photo of it to you soon! Max thought it was pretty cool, too!

    Ratatosk mom to a 7 year old wcf

  4. Hey Piper! I would like 2 shirts please! One for my daughter who is a CF'er and one for myself! How can I go about ordering them?

  5. Piper,
    I am a 44 yr. old cystic fibrosis patient and I received my "new" lungs on Sept. 5, 2010.

    I have a 6 yr. old little boy (the love of my life) named Wiley Zane.

    I would LOVE a shirt for him and myself if there are any left. I just now found this blog and it is wonderful!!

    He still has to explain to his little friends why his mommy wears a mask....the shirt would be awesome:)

    I love reading your blog because it helps me understand everything that I'm going through...oh, and I've been told that now I'm going through menopause!! God does have a since of humor!

  6. Piper,
    I'm a 44 yr. old cystic fibrosis patient and I receive my "new" lungs on Sept. 5, 2010.

    Do you still have any of the shirts?

    My family would love to have one and it would help my 6 yr. old little boy explain why his mommy wears a mask:)