Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arterial Madness

Okay, so much for my no complaining spurt...

Today's first goal was simple: a basic blood draw. This was actually more important than usual because I have a small DVT again thanks to transplant surgery. No huge deal, but another thing to monitor and stay ahead of just to be safe.again, should have been no biggie.

To bad my veins had other plans, huh?

We tried my arm, my hand, my port, my foot (yes, foot), my other hand, and finally even my artery -- all without getting a single tube. We finally went to my FINGER and got the one tube no one could live without. It remains to be seen how they will go about trying for more, but I think face a port reaccess at a minimum.

I don't even mind -- I'm just happy they got their one tube.

So celebrated by taking a nap and marveling that it's still before noon. Seriously, how did all that even HAPPEN?! I also used some dry shampoo and changed pants, making me "clean" by transplant standards.

The good news is that blood draws don't really hurt, and we did meet our goal in the end. Proving nice again that even a small bottle of blood is sometimes enough to make for a memorable triumph.

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  1. Putting on clean clothes, the little joys of hospital life. Thank You for telling us about Your trip through getting a TX. I'm aways away from getting on the list, but always feel like it could be in the next few years for me. Thank You again.

    I'm on home IV's and think I might go for a nap now.

  2. Wait, wait, wait...they drew blood from your FINGER!? They couldn't get an IV to last and my doc threatened to do one in my head...glad that my port cooperated. LOL!

    And, from the last post, a real cough!? One week out?! I must have been too afraid...mine were like the wimpiest most pathetic coughs you have ever heard!

  3. Arterial Madness is right! As if we needed another way to celebrate our similarities, my veins are pains in the arms, hands, neck, blah blah blah, TOO!! (They haven't gone for my feet yet, but they've looked at them, lol.) Something else to look forward to when I finally get MY call I suppose. Anyway, I'm glad they got the tube they needed and really do hope the re-access of your port works out for you the way it's supposed to.

    We love you and just want you to know that even though I don't post much, I'm always thinking about you, cheering you on, and sending positive, healing vibes always.

    xoxo, Rhi