Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feeling Cystic-ish

Honestly, I hate complaining about CF. It's not really worth it and it rarely changes anything, but today was just too cystastic not to say anything. (Um, and yeah, cystastic may just be my new favorite word.)

One of those morning when you wake up at 4 am coughing. And not even a nice productive "well, at least I'm getting some junk out" kind of cough - this was just annoying hacking and those short little rapid-fire choking coughs like always happen after you laugh too hard or something. Seriously lame. So at 5:30 am I got up, vested, did some nebs, and promptly emailed work to let them know I was NOT coming in before 11 am. Then back to bed, with 02 and a couple of advil for the achiness.

Needless to say the day didn't get much better from there. A lot of headachey, woozey moments and a lot of annoying unproductive coughing does not make for a great afternoon at work. I didn't run a fever or anything, and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting an active infection again, but COME ON - I just got off IVs what, like a week and a half ago?! I'm inhaling TOBI twice a day and vesting like crazy. What more do my lungs honestly want? I know it's super immature, but days like this I'm sometimes tempted to just tell those little wankers to get over themselves and skip treatments out of pure spite.

Okay fine, don't worry...I'm not that stupid. I know my lungs are part of me and that we're in this together (for now at least, suckers), but still: little help, please?


  1. UGH I hate those days!!!!!!!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day, or today, whenever it was that you wrote this blog :)


  2. I had that day yesterday, too. Woke up at 6am coughing my lungs out for some inexplicable reason and finally managed to fall back asleep for a few more hours before I had to get ready for class. My dad, who lives about 30 minutes away, even noticed was something amiss. He called me around 930am and asked what I was doing checking my email so early... hey, if I'm gonna be up coughing for a good hour, I can at least be productive...

  3. "cystic-ish" i like that one, my hubby and i say (cf-ish) so i laughed when i read your blog...i feel like a stalker but i found you on my girl Christy's site:)...wanted to say good luck w/ the tx process. i am 8 years out and if you have any questions let me know! take care.