Sunday, September 28, 2008

NYCystic Meet Up

This weekend I had the awesome chance to connect with some of my new friends from the CF2chat forums in New York City (rough commute for me, I know). All in all there were 8 of us: 4 CFers, 2 close friends, 1 husband, and 1 way too cute kid. It was to put it mildly a totally amazing experience for me. Besides just being wonderful people (which I already knew from the site), everyone in the group could also "speak my language" when it came to CF. The constant coughing was kind of music to my ears in a strange way...obviously not because I enjoy hearing anyone else deal with that sh*t, but because it totally freed me up to cough whenever I needed without feeling self-conscious. We made sure to walk at a decent speed and spend enough time resting afterwards, and no one seemed to think it was weird to be hungry for a snack just a couple hours after lunch. Very cool.

The group was a really fun combo: Amy is fantastic and one of the more bubbly personalities I've met. She and her friend from PA were obviously really excited to be there and definitely added some great humor to the day. I love love love her ability to laugh at CF -- esp. with some super hilarious t-shirts -- and was so happy to finally meet her in person. Likewise Graves and Courtney were both incredibly sweet and easy to talk to, and Courtney gets major props for travelling all the way up from Texas! Not to mention she was the only one smart enough to bring a CF umbrella ;) Finally, it was super amazing to have Patti around to dispense Tx stories and advice. Besides clearly having one of the cutest families in the whole state of NY and being tons of fun, she was also really really open about sharing her experience. That goes for the whole group, really...the conversation was very open and personal, which is so cool when you're with a group that you can relate to on that level.

So, without any more gushing from me, here are some of the pics from Saturday. Enjoy:

This is a really candid shot of Amy in the place we ate lunch. Somehow I managed to make her laugh right at the instant I took the picture.

The whole group outside of Prime Burger - the cheapest place anywhere close to 5th Ave. and a very famous NYC dive eatery.

Gotta love the incredible view from 67 stories up.

Us in front of the non-existent skyline.

A more candid version of the group on the deck. I actually really like this one.

Thanks for a great day guys!


  1. I'm so glad you guys had a great time. You all look terrific. (LOVE the red boots, btw)

  2. Love the pics!!!!!

    It was awesome meeting you too and I can not wait to do it again!!!!!!!!!