Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Asked, I Listened . . .

By popular demand:

Just So You Know . . . (Leah's Blog)

I personally feel this blog needs no introduction, but seeing as I've been lucky enough to "know" Leah for a little while now, I'll give a quick one anyway. Leah is a 28 year old CFer and mother to a stunningly handsome little man. I first began reading her blog as a way to keep up with her recovery after transplant, but I've since been drawn in even further by the cool writing, great pictures, and undeniable flair that she and her husband bring to the table. Enjoy!

(PS: Be sure to check out the entry from a week or so ago where Seth and Leah are actually HOLDING her old CF lungs. Too cool, and makes me totally jealous I'm not at Stanford, which I believe is one of the few centers that offers a chance to see your old organs.)

Quick personal health update for those interested: I am FINALLY finishing up IVs in a few days after a little over 4 weeks and three different antibiotic cocktails. Whew. But seriously, is there any better than feeling than when you turn the corner after an infection? I feel like skipping through the streets (or, you know, I would if it were over 30 degree outside!) and celebrating! So maybe I'll just do the latter, preferably someplace warm and cozy . . . with Sampson . . .and friends . . . and NO silly IV needle!


  1. Yay for being free!!! Hope you can enjoy it for as long as possible! I've been free for 5 days

  2. Congrats on beeing free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey I want to invite you to read my UnBlog. What is your email?

  4. Congrats on being free for awhile! Yay! My hubby just started a meropenem/Cipro cocktail with a nice high prednisone dose last week. Sinus surgery AGAIN next Tues. You guys have to go through so much and you are the toughest people I know :)

    I found Leah's blog last week and saw the lung pic. WOW! That would be an incredible experience. I love reading your posts and have been sharing them with my husband and his sister who also has CF. Thank you!

  5. AW. Thanks for the link and sayin' nice things.

    Nice to be free! I'm lovin' it too.

  6. Lovely blog!

  7. re: Holding lungs - UCLA didn't allow us to get that close to Sara's either - but we were allowed to provide them with a disposable camera, and they took pics of them for us! So it was the closest thing, and might be an option for you. Just a thought!