Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Piper's doing wonderfully. They plan to have her off the ventilator by noon tomorrow! Though she can't speak, or likely read, she's demanded her i-pad back! Though I'll continue to sneak it away to post little updates, they might be a bit further apart and considerably less dense. Will update again tomorrow!

Sleep tight everyone.

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  1. I am sure Erin and your mom will be reading these to you soon so....


    I am so happy for you I have tears :)

    My mom is beyond excited too! She was bawling like a baby today she was so happy! I hate saying this, but she might have been happier than me haha!!!

    Today starts the rest of your AMAZING life with donor lungs from someone who loved life enough to realize it is worth passing on the organs. God Bless them!

    Hugs love and prayers to all the B- family!!!!!

  2. Piper, being big Apple fans over here, my husband was overjoyed to hear that A) you have an ipad and B) it's the first thing you asked for.

    I'm checking for updates frequently because I want to hear all the good news as it happens. I'm so happy for you! You trained so hard for this. I have no doubt you'll be doing laps around the nurses station soon.

  3. Awesome! I am so happy for you Piper! Enjoy your new breathers!

  4. Piper, I'm so happy to hear you're doing well. Keep it up!

  5. Incredible news!! We always knew the fifth time was the charm :) I will be praying for you Piper.

  6. I'm so excited for you Piper! And I know that your strength will allow this recovery to happen smoothly. I can only imagine the glowing faces of the family :) Stay strong everyone, this is the moment we have been waiting for!!!!

  7. Amazing Piper!! It's all such incredible news! :)


  8. What wonderful news! So happy for Piper but for the rest of you too who have been there for her through this incredible journey.

  9. HAAAWHOOO!!!!

    I'm so freakin' happy for you Piper. And the story of when the call came....classic and, in hindsight, should've been predicted.

    I'm praying for a speedy recovery.

  10. This is really great news. What an exciting time. Before you know it, you're going to be doing things you haven't done in years. I am really happy for you Piper!

  11. very happy for you Piper, and your family :) be thinking of you all Joanna (dasjsmum)xxx

  12. So, I guess you gotta start making that list for Your Re-Birthday, Apple comes to mind..
    Very good to read that You are
    so alert and doing so Well !
    You will be Dancing in no time ..

  13. SO thrilled for you and your family! We will continue to pray for you as you start this new journey!!!

  14. I am smiling and crying at the same time right now. I cannot tell you how so very happy I am right now. Piper, you never cease to put a smile on my face. YAY FOR LUNGS!!!!! Love you, babe! :)

  15. Just a blog reader from Africa.
    So happy to read that you got new lungs.
    Wishing you the best. Keep the positivity.

  16. Yay!! The first thing I did this morning was run to the computer for an update and I'm thrilled that its a good one! Rest up Piper.

  17. This is all such amazing news. I am so happy for you Piper and I pray for a speedy recovery!

  18. yeah!!! i'm so happy for you! hope you have a speedy recovery and everything will be fine for you! p.

  19. Piper,

    I am a Board member of the Colorado chapter of CF and have had the opportunity to meet your Dad.

    I have heard about all the incredible false starts and am SO happy and thrilled that you have gotten past that stage.

    My husband and I are thinking of you and your family. You deserve this new breath of life.

    connie campbellBTC

  20. It's a sure sign of positive stuff when you ask for your social networking devices. :-)

    Keep up the good work, Piper.

    Thank you to your family for keeping us in the loop.

    Peaceful and Green and Blue Things!

  21. Love and light to you, Piper. Words cannot convey how happy and excited I am for you. I must say it again: love and light to you.


  22. Much love and much light. It is great to hear that you are doing so well and I *love* the fact that you are already asking for your iPad. I would probably do the same!

  23. Yay they finally came. So happy for you!!!